the weight of silence.

so, here goes.

i have thought of starting a blog a million times. and i have. joint ones, trepid ones, secret ones, ones i start and then quit. ones about beauty and vanity and silliness and wonder. ones that were important to me and became a way to use my unique voice to spread joy + inspiration (or judgment and side-eyes. can’t blame ya). i can’t promise this will be different. but i do know that god has been using words to mold me, mend me, and motivate me for a long time. nothing puts my soul at ease quite like a timely word or note of encouragement. nothing can make me practice compassion and empathy like reading others’ stories. funny narrations and the wit encompassed in a perfectly timed joke (or cuss word) will make me laugh out loud (you know the one) almost always. i believe words are monumentally important. the good, bad, otherwise. words can disarm, create walls. they have the power to do great and terrible things. they are a lifeline to so many people but we are either slow to use our voices or we speak too quietly. i believe i’ve been whispering for far too long. we shout about so many trivial things and let our silence hold the weight of so much hurt. we shouldn’t. i shouldn’t. so i won’t anymore.

this space will be one of vulnerable processing (my favorite!) or silly thoughts or pictures or art or whatever i want it to be because damnit, it’s my blog. i hope you feel your soul rest, be challenged, become uncomfortable, change, laugh, grow here. i hope my lack of grammatically correct punctuation and capitalization and sometimes bad language won’t drive you away. if it does? well, you wouldn’t be the first. 😉



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