people don’t talk much about this topic. but then, that’s cause most people have jobs. in the spirit of fun, i’ve written a myspace-esque survey that i made up and answered myself. because when you don’t have a job, you have time to do these things. hence, 13-year olds everywhere that used to answer survey questions like “do you love someone” or “have you ever been kissed” with vague, angsty responses like “not anymore” or “yeah, but barely”. i, for one, NEVER DID THAT and by that i mean i was the number one perpetrator. alas, here goes.



  1. “i wish i could do nothing all day” — in their defense, i did just wake up this morning, go get starbucks, lay by the pool and shower. so…
  2. “what are you doing next?” — fair question. but then if i knew, i’d probably be doing it
  3. “dang. they turned you down hard.” — no one has said this to me… in 3 years. when i was graduating from college, i had applied for a training program and got turned down. a friend asked, i confirmed that i did not get it. this was his response. classic!



  1. feeling purposeless. oh my word. people that aspire to be couch potatoes, i assure you, FIND ANOTHER CALLING. after about one month of having no real goals (besides like, get a job), i’m dying. where is my life headed? am i a real human if i get to sleep in every day? who am i? does life matter? (no worries, you have INFINITE time to wonder about all these questions and more)
  2. the judgment. i’m kidding. no one really has judged me. out loud at least. i promise i’m trying to find a job (disregard the talk of the pool and binge watching shows and sleeping in).
  3. TOO MUCH TIME. you’d think that all this time would be great. but after 2-3 hours of job searching a day, THAT’S A LOT OF OTHER HOURS IN THE DAY.



  1. gossip girl. this is the obvious choice because in my previous depression state during college, i binge watched this show (after vowing NEVER EVER EVER would i EVER watch this trashy, ridiculous, teen-spirit show). here i am 8 years later and i haven’t learned a thing. it’s still so good.
  2. forensic files. okay, no one else? i just love it and it’s great background noise for projects even though i’ve seen most of the episodes a few times.
  3. lost. haven’t watched it in a loooong time. and never saw the last two episodes because nothing even made sense anymore. but it’s got a lot of seasons / episodes and keeps you hooked.



  1. inspector gamache series by louise penny. A. because they are delightful B. because there are so many so when one ends, you can immediately start the next one. not that i know…
  2. cormoran strike series by robert galbraith aka jk rowling. same thoughts, different series.
  3. the best yes – lysa terkhurst. okay so basically i’ve just told you all the books i have read in this time period. but this was a good one for re-prioritizing my life and what i should be saying yes to. more on this at a later date.


  1. overall health. i have strangely found that with more time, i take way better care of myself. it’s something i want to prioritize no matter what job i have next. it’s not always realistic with the demands of our daily life to go on 2 hour walks or lay by the pool or have time to read a book or think. but i think they are all things that we should MAKE time for. we should slow down our pace instead of pretending our schedules control us.
  2. time with friends / family. i’ve loved this time for the time it’s afforded me with friends and family more than an hour lunch or quick weekend trip.
  3. flexibility with my time. i’ve loved the freedom i have to go help with someone’s kids in the middle of the day or meet with a friend for coffee or work on projects until 1 am or get up early and read. since rigidity in a schedule is something that is difficult for me anyways, i’ve loved the openness of my time to serve people and spend it how best suits the needs of the day.


but listen people, job or no job, these surveys are a great idea and will probably start going viral again. my unemployment is another man’s employment (meaning, you can do the survey at work while avoiding work just like i can do the survey at home while avoiding looking for work. carry on). as you can see, too much time has gone to my head. signing off.

xoxo, gossip girl.


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