for my mama


(credit to juliet grace designs)

thank you for planning vacations, trips; taking us to the grocery store, to live in an entirely new world, to church. thanks for ensuring we’d get along by shoving the 6 of us in truck for hundreds of miles and dozens of hours. thanks for saying yes, saying no, saying everything in between. thanks for ending disagreements in a hug and love spoken even if I would have rathered anything else. thanks for the millions of tears wiped, the laughs given, for facing things you never thought you’d have to. thank you for ACTUALLY facing them — this fact alone accounts for so much of our growth, our transformation from child to adult. thank you for still striving, always trying for something more than you had and less than what would entitle us. thank you for lavishing grace, spending nights drenching us in prayer. there are countless things to thank you for, infinitely more than i’m aware of. thank you for staying in the fight, for not flipping on the TV (or opening a book) and counting us out — we are wildly better people because of it. thank you for instilling faith and a great sense of reality. thank you for speaking your mind and teaching us women are not weak. thank you for modeling for us how to be independent, yet dependent on god. thank you for teaching us to stand alone if the crowd is wrong, that compassion is necessary, and sometimes it’s time to move on. thank you for all the lessons i cannot put words to, wouldn’t know how, wouldn’t do them justice. thank you for giving us wonder of the world on a silver platter. thank you for showing me that mothering never ends. beyond the pouch,  beyond the home, beyond the distance. thank you for showing up and endlessly supporting our gifts, activities, and potential. i don’t remember a single thing you didn’t show up to. thank you for using “i love you” lavishly and when we least deserved it. thank you for teaching me that to be a daughter is a humble gift, as well as a mother. thank you for never backing down, never shying away. thank you for the progress we’ve made and the work we’ll still do yet. thank you for being a safe place, someone i can count on, a life-long cheer team. glad you’re mine.


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