what to say? i am only just figuring out who i am after being alive for 24 years.

i am creative and messy. a little up and down. a crier (but only about things that deserve tears! like death and jesus changing lives and all that).  an avid reader, lover of words, and a writer. i love babies (5 year olds are just getting to be too sassy for me to keep up). sarcastic and clever and witty but mostly in cheese form. a lover of the gospel, grace and the gift of life that it has afforded me (and is offered to every one of us). making people comfortable is something i’ve been gifted in but somehow i’m always feeling awkward. learning to speak my mind more and also, i say sorry too much. i thrive in adventure and change. i’ve come to love the hard lessons god teaches. i laugh too loud and slap my knees when i do.

i’m mostly a broken person that has been lavished with grace. like you, i have pitfalls and struggles. but there is also the beautiful spirit of god that prevails in me and it’s in those moments that i shine. i pray that this place would be one where you see the beauty of the gifts god has given me. but, i also hope that it makes you feel something. that sometimes you see the rainbow but often, the flood. and how the grace of god has covered me (and us all) and that it’s worth clinging to.


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